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Rofin Laser - Welding, Cutting, Engraving, Marking

For more than four decades our Company has been developing not only laser sources but also customized complete solutions for most different applications such as laser welding systems, laser cutting systems, laser marking systems and various other laser system solutions. 

Laser technology, mechanical engineering, software and process development are the decisive key disciplines for product quality, functionality and cost-efficiency. Complete solutions from Coherent-ROFIN are solutions from a single source.

Rofin Desktop Laser Markers Space-saving Marking Solutions Small footprint, integrated air-cooling and a common power supply are the essential factors of these complete solutions for marking various workpieces and foils. The high-performance marking software for system control is installed on a commonly used PC.

Tradition, Innovation, Reliability 

Compact Tabletop Laser for Manual Welding

Desktop is the all-purpose and value-for-money compact tabletop laser system for manual welding. It was designed for the specific demand in laboratories, workshops and institutes and is hence the ideal system for the entry into laser technology. The Desktop is ergonomically optimized and can be placed on any desk. The air-cooled system requires only a one-phase power supply.
The workpiece can be positioned via stereo microscope and cross-hair. The high performance and long lifetime open up applications in customizedand prototype production, for repair works and just as well for small batch production.


Performance Family
The ideal Laser Machine for manual laser welding

Back in 1992 we pioneered manual laser welding, setting the standards for more than 20 years in the market. The Performance is available in three different variations - two closed laser-safe versions and an open one - to meet the needs of our customers in an ideal way.

Performance - Revolutionary working chamber
The hinged cover provides wide and completely free access to a spacious working area and can be operated with one hand while using the other hand to hold the workpiece.


EasyJewel - the compact laser system for Jewelry industry

Advanced laser technology and marking software enable new applications and bring laser marking and engraving to the highest standards. The new EasyJewel with ‘Enhanced Mode’ has been especially designed for circumferential seamless designs and large components requiring homogeneous surfaces.

The majority of materials used in the jewelry industry including precious metals, alloys, polymers and ceramics can be processed. The rugged construction and ease of operation are benefi cial for any jeweler: clamping the rings for internal or external marking with the laser is unrivalled.


Rofin Patented Technology

Stronger – 
Up to 100 W output power and 50 Hz pulse frequency significantly increase welding speed.
Manual laser welding systems are frequently used as workhorses in rough workshop environments.

New SPEEDmodeTM increases the maximum pulse frequency significantly and uses work-piece handling time for reloading.

The ECOmodeTM saves energy during longer intermissions.

BURSTmodeTM and Pulse Ramping: simplify welding tasks or jobs asking for high concentration, like welding of delicate medical devices. They offer a new level of control and sensitiveness.
The unique Dynamic Foot Switch provides an intuitive control of welding speed or strength on the fly.


“It’s the whole package that makes the difference“

Ralf Sonnet, one of the laser experts for the jewelry market at COHERENT-ROFIN

Tobias Teigelkötter, (in front of the EasyJewel marking system) goldsmith and graduate designer and consultant for the jewelry department at COHERENT-ROFIN for the last 20 years

Our vision is to provide our customers  the most innovative machinery  with manufacturing techniques and processes with cutting edge technologies proven from around the world with our local knowledge for the Great China Market and Southeast Asia. 

Hong Kong, China-based Kingsway Jewelry Supplies Co Ltd serves as a distributor of alloys and equipment for a number of major brands in Asia. Gilbert Kwok, managing director of the company, shares with JNA the qualities that make Kingsway an ideal partner for jewellery-manufacturing equipment and materials in the region.

We have been a major supplier of casting and melting machines in Asia for more than three decades.

We keep a close eye on the latest industry developments, from electronics to modern engineering technology. By doing so, we are able to identify the technologies, which we believe would better serve the needs of the jewellery industry.


Kingsway mission statement is to accelerate the technology advancement, efficiency and scalability of the jewelry industry in Asia by offering best softare/hardare and international experience. 

We excel not only in China but also have experience throughout Asia. 


Kingsway is only a engineering company wants to link its decades of trade experience, knowledge network and local Asian knowledge to serve our customers with better, more efficient and new processes of tomorrow. 

We never counterfeit or copy our supplier products or customer designs to make quick money. 

In the jewelry world, Kingsway is the firm that you can trust. 

Based in Hong Kong, China, Kingsway has been serving all our customers with integrity and decades of  trade specific experience.


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